Saturday Post: Nutty Is Not So Little Anymore!

Nutty aka Naughty is not so little anymore as he has outgrown Ma sha Allah, touch wood (jinx), this is what he does when he has nothing else to do. He starts to hide his face in the food packet and starts eating from it, though I don’t recommend it, LOL, as I always mix the previous feed with the new feed in order to keep his digestive stable.

He is full of entertainment, I tell you! He does all those crazy acts that would make you laugh.

Does your Cat makes you laugh?

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Little Nutty Not So Little Anymore!

My nutty is very notorious, ever since Diesel left me, nutty has made sure to take care of the whole family just the way Diesel did, it seemed as if Nutty knows that he is our savior and our guard for life. I hope diesel is looking from heaven above and must be happy to see Nutty taking care of us, the void of Diesel leaving us shall not ever overcome because Diesel took most of my memories with him. I miss him still too much that I can keep on writing about him and never stop.

Nutty wearing Pawfect Bell Reflector Color

Cats have this unique sense of smell, the aroma of the Pawfect Cat food took Nutty on a roller coaster ride as he went nuts and crazy just as I started cutting the wrapper, the aroma was it all that needed Nutty to react the way as in the picture below.

Nutty going bonkers and eating from the Cat Food Bag!

Yes, I literally had to move him away so I could make it a proper feed for him and then give it to him because I always make sure to mix the new feed with previous feed so that it’s easily digestible and not heavy on their stomach.

One of the practice that I do and always recommend it to others as well. This is the easiest way to monitor your Pet and also to keep an eye on him, as these dry food we never know how and what reaction they do on our pet, therefore, our little negligence can lead to a disaster and a lifetime guilt so it’s always good to be careful and alert.

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A New Little Watch Guard In Town

Have you ever wondered to keep a watch guard while you’re either outside city or even out on dinners? Well, instead of going through strenuous task of getting a well-trained two legged guard, you can always take these animals as your watch guard because they have all the basic understanding of keeping an eye on the territory. No matter whether you have a cat or a dog or even any other domestic pet, you can count on them! For proof, here is a video for you to make your morning better.

Watch Here

This is my little nutty who is fond of being a Dog actually, maybe it is because he loves to eat my pet dog’s food rather than his Cat Food. Yes, don’t take it lightly, because he does loves to eat Dog Food rather than his own Cat Food which he is fond of having though.

Let me know, if you face such situation as well.

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Cats Are Adorable Because Of How They Act

Snowy, my rescued and adopted cat who is strictly an outdoor cat and also doesn’t wishes to get inside the house as she knows there is a rowdy Doggo Diesel sitting inside.

My Kitty is fond of eating Dry Cat Food or I can easily say that she loves to eat Dry Dog Food instead of Cat Food as she finds it very yummy. It is mostly like spending much on her specific food but she ends up having my doggo Diesel’s food. What makes me feel is I think she has turned into a Dog😳Yes her attributes are now depicting of a dog’s characteristics. She is damn protective and possessive that she can’t stand any other cat that I feed or who comes near me too. It’s been like 11 months with her I guess and it’s just 🧿amazing. In these months period, she had her first litter too and I don’t know where her kittens went or they became the case of hit and run. Have no idea about that, but what I have witnessed is that after giving birth, she has developed a bonding with me which makes me understand what her ‘meows’ mean.

Like it is said. Cats choose their owners 🤣whereas the case is pretty different with the Dogs.

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Sunday Post: There She Goes Again!

There she goes again, I am sure many of you would be facing the same drill as me. Cats are invaders! Yes. They love to explore new places and would love to rub against them, no matter even if it is a car seat or even you yourself🤦‍♀️Cats are just Cats and they love being that!

Btw, this is the first time ever that a Cat has actually got into my car and invaded my space.

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