Tag: Responsibility

  • Pets Are Family Forever!

    It is very important to understand the fact that the Animals that we bring at home are our family, not a source of entertainment. It is very essential to differentiate between getting a pet as a responsibility and to consider them as a liability. It is weird when I hear people not caring for their […]

  • The Difference Between An Animal Baby and A Human Child

    Animals as pets are a huge responsibility that boils down on the shoulder of the person who plans to get a pet for the rest of the life. It is surely a responsibility that needs to be considered and taken care of with full effort and negligence is not at all accepted. It is hence […]

  • Saturday Post: A Pet Is A Lifetime Commitment

    Have a heart and save a soul. These animals didn’t end up on the streets by themselves, it would be someone like us who either abandoned them or threw them out as they were moving. Follow us on FaceBook Group: @HenaBlogForPaws

  • Are You Ready For Having A Furry Friend In Your Life?

    This is the First question that should arrive in your mind when you think about having a furry friend in your life. What most people do is that they simply go bonkers over the arriving of their pets in the initial days and later once they are over with their cuteness and start considering as […]