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  • Saturday Post: Love Triangle

    If you could know what real love means, then probably you would never break someone’s heart. Animals have feelings and they show and express it to their loved ones, unlike Humans who wait for the right time. Watch Here Isn’t it heart warming video which can actually tell that these animals have feelings and sentiments […]

  • Saturday Post: A Dog Is Still A Dog And Not A Pet!

    Saturday Post: A Dog Is Still A Dog And Not A Pet!

    This type of thinking and mindset still exists. It’s sad to see that how people have molded their thoughts and are not accepting that what they think is wrong and not valid. It was just a few days back that I had spotted this dog sitting in cold weather, I approached him and kept food […]

  • Saturday Post: Drive Safely

    “Watch it, look out!”, the first words when you’re actually driving way too fast, with one hand on the steering wheel and other on the cell phone. What is happening to the world now, we have become so selfish and least concerned that we don’t really bother whom we have hurt or murdered! Yes, using […]

  • Saturday Post: Bidding Farewell to 2022 On A Good Note!

    Hello to all my dear readers, hoping all of you are keeping yourself safe and taking a very good care of your loved and dear ones. This is the moment that we all have been looking forward to and hoping for as we step in the New Year 2023! Woah, and just like that it […]

  • Saturday Post: Become What You Want Others To Be!

    Read that caption again, I am sure you would understand the meaning behind the sentence. It is always said to do something good in order to put a great example of being Human, this way, we can give a good lesson, a positive approach to the people’s mindset, because someone has to do it, then […]