ORCA: The Killer Whale

The nature has been so kind to us that it has given us the opportunity to learn, listen and enjoy the nature but unfortunately the Humans have taken the most of it before our generation could actually know more about it.

ORCA: the beautiful, majestic beauty of the Ocean. Have you witnessed their characteristics, how familiar it looks like if you compare with the lifestyle of Humans. It’s the same, as they also live in families, large household where the females of the clan is in-charge of the herd and she makes the call for the next move always. No matter whatever her age is, if she is the youngest even, still she would be taken as the honor of the herd and everyone would move around her call.

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What I don’t like about SeaWorld or sea world shows (not specific to the Sea World only), all I feel is that all the animals in the world have the right to live their life as per their wish. These majestic beauties aren’t suppose to be in captivity, why are they even there? We humans have actually lost everything and are willing to go to any extend to satisfy our needs which I find very pathetic and disgusting!

We all should speak up about all these majestic beauties and these ORCA’s don’t deserve to live in that concrete tank where they are controlled by Humans and are humiliated by them, also these orcas if not from the same herd, they can harm one another and do not own them in the same tank. They go through a lot! It is literally heart breaking to watch these sort of videos where Humans are having fun while these beauties perform some tricks! Ridiculous

It is time that we all should speak up for their rights because if we don’t now then our generation is going to learn that we Humans are only self-centered for ourselves only.

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Is This What You Really Want?

Everyone knows what is the life beneath the artificial sea. Sea World, the famous amusement park which has played with numerous lives of beautiful majestic whales as well as human trainers. Was it all worth it?

Previously I shared about a life of an Orca and now I am here to share a video which has surely bled my heart and I am sure it will yours too.

Watch it here

An Orca lives with their families throughout their lives, then why to use them for our entertainments? Is it really worth it? Think about it!