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  • A Rare Footage Uncovered By SeaWorld

    Orca The Killer Whale has been over the news for quite sometime, for either SeaWorld issues or the footage of their ravage attacks Here we would share a beautiful rare video of Orca giving birth to a little one. Check it out

  • Aggression Or Lesson?

    What it is like to be in captivity. One should ask the majestic animals ‘The Orca’ at the SeaWorld. Watch: It is time that everyone should boycott going to watch these entertainment shows which only causes hurdles for the poor animals and nothing else. Would you boycott?

  • What Really Happened To Dawn Brancheau?

    Since this week is dedicated to The Beautiful ORCA (Killer Whale). It gives us real grief behind the circumstances and situation that the animal and the humans have to go through. What happened to the Most Senior Top Trainer of the SeaWorld? So many questions left the audience and people all over the world in…

  • The Beautiful ORCA

    The Beautiful ORCA

    Ever wondered what happens to these beautiful majestic sea animals who once are captured? Everyone must have known the horror stories of these Animals and the life risks of their Trainers. Who do you think is responsible for this cause? Watch this video while we get back to you with more of such videos. www.youtube.com/watch

  • An Eye Opening Factor

    Animals are not source of entertainment. They belong to their own habitat and once they are out of their comfort zone they tend to lose their health, appetite and the will power to live life in captivity. Obviously who would want to live in a captivity! One should always think in the same way similarly…

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