Why Not To Adopt Shelter Animals?

Every animal on this land seeks love and attention. One of the behaviour that we notice is how they react when we reach them over. Most of the prominent incidences occurred when people visited animals at the shelter home. The picture above shows, the exact behaviour by every animal present at the shelter. It is very heart wrenching moment as well as, a moment of silence. We Humans are so lost in ourselves that we don’t wish to consider any other living being as someone who shares an equal right.

It is also very important to understand the fact that Humans have no control over their emotions and feelings, whereas, the animals aren’t the only ones who do not show sentiments that they hold deep inside them.

I request you all to please step forward and adopt these animals as they also have the right to live and that too freely.

Wild Animal A Satisfaction For Status Symbol

In the world of hatred towards Animals, we the animal lovers are amongst those who are disregarded with the fact that why are we speaking up for Animal Rights. Just that we were in relief and believed that everything will be alright and after moving ahead with our next goal, we are set aback with those people who are not only considered about their self esteem but are also concerned about their status symbol. I mean, seriously?

Keeping Exotic Animals as domestic pets is from nowhere appropriate and safe either for the family or the Animals themselves. Nowadays, it is a trend in our society that to keep a Wild Animal or Exotic Birds is a sign of having a unique pet or status symbol. Obviously majority of the people in our country not that filthy enough to spend an arm and a leg to just provide an environment for that Wild Animal. People with normal salaries and burden cannot think of getting such a animal as a pet. Infact, why to? Why to have such a pet when you have to care for it a lot as in many ways, their grooming, food/meals per day, medical and environment etc. You will usually spot such people who would brag about their wild animal while they take them out on a ride or a walk. Have they ever wondered that what if, the animal runs free or hurts someone on the way. It is ridiculous!

Only when the authorities take notice and literally put a fine( a heavy duty fine) only then these people would not have such a wild animal as their pet. Because, a wild animal only belongs in the wild and not at home!

Adopt And Don’t Shop!

Over 6 million cats and dogs in a year are abandoned, left on the streets to die. Eventually later are handed over to shelter homes by some kind people. Why to buy a pet when you can easily adopt from the shelter home!

Love and affection is something that you can find in these beautiful rescue dogs too. Why not help them and give them a forever home instead of buying a specific breed for a hefty amount. There are few people who have reached out to me and want to share their views regarding how a rescue pup changed their lives! Seriously people, stop this breed race- it’s nothing except of costing you an arm and leg. Every soul has a different characteristic and their love is purely unconditional. These beauties only demand love and affection. Just imagine, the poor dogs and cats who are left behind by their owners start trusting their new Humans.

Every single soul on this land deserves to live with dignity. We need to stand up and come forward to help these poor souls and give them a forever home!

P.S. Shelter Homes if once filled then they rescue the new animals and send the previous poor unadopted animals to Kill Shelter. Hope you all know, nobody wishes to die and unwanted death.

Save a life-save a soul