Winters Please Be Kind To All

If we come to think of it, Humans are mean towards everything of their interest. Whether it’s a job, a get-together, functions, events, or even weather- we are always having double thoughts towards everything our mind can think of. Isn’t it? That’s why, even when we are not halfway through the year, we start shopping for the winters to arrive in order to wear all the jackets, boots, scarves and what not, but when the Winter finally arrives, all we are wearing is everything except Jackets, boots and scarves! LOL

Joke apart, but for a second do we realize, what are we doing for the other living beings on the planet? are we being considerate towards them, or have you asked yourself even once, that what have you done throughout the day for other living being on the planet? If you are able to answer any one question above, it would make me believe that you are kind human that at-least you thought about a soul.

Similarly, in this freezing weather, be kind before you start your engine, don’t forget to check underneath your car as the cats and dogs seek shelter. This is the least that we can do to save them from any danger.

Isn’t it? What do you think?

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What Is An Influent Society?

Does any reader have an idea about what is an Influent Society? Probably, most of the people would have been having an idea but for the rest, I would elaborate so all of you can understand it pretty well. Influent Society is about how a society, a group of people work together for a cause in order to make sure, all the beings in the society understand their worth as well as continue to strive and live together side by side to make this nature work as the way it should.

The bitter truth of our society is that Humans have considered everything, every being on this planet as granted for their entertainment. Sadly, all the animals that I continue to witness each day while commute, I only see the bruises and the way the Humans own the animals and have kept them in such a condition where these poor innocent souls are actually tortured to death on day-to-day basis. Today when I was returning home, I saw couple of stray dogs, carrying their offspring and running around the area just to find a safe place for their babies. Even these animals know that the puppies need a warm, cozy and a safe place where they can leave their puppies behind while they hunt for food. But who knows that upon their return the poor innocent babies would be killed by the two-legged beings with brains. I still don’t understand the theory of people torturing animals for the sake of entertainment, they also consider them as someone who are not needed in this society. My point is, how do they know whether they are needed in the society or do they make any difference. We have limited our thoughts, our opinions about everything because we have become so selfish that we don’t want to think good for any one else whether it may be an Animal as well. We forget that, Humans are gifted with so many qualities and amongst the most liked one is to be kind, and this is something that we can do atleast. There is no harm in keeping a clean water bowl in the garden for the thirsty animals, there is no harm to keep a bowl filled with food, you can easily fill it up when you go out in the area, there is no harm to let the animals seek shelter at your place, there is no harm literally.

Think about it. Maybe this way, we can together make this society a better place to let everyone live peacefully.

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Animals Are Not Toys!

What do you do if you are left aloof somewhere at a place where you have noone to play with and no familiar faces-feel awkward right? What do you expect from the Animal? Don’t they have feelings and compassion towards their Humans?

They do! They have more sensational feelings for their humans rather than Human does for them, how pathetic! The mindset is so weird. For animals we are their whole life and for us they are a part of our life! If this mindset doesn’t changes then it would be a lot difficult to live in a society where Animals are not considered as living beings who also make a difference in our lives!

It would be completely false if I’d say that an animal as pet, can be a burden only and not someone you can count on! I bet I can challenge you on that, you know why? Because there has been multiple situations over a period of time that makes me believe that I cannot trust on my gut but when my dog senses something awkward then it is meant to be true!

If you want me to make another post about my experience then mention in the comment below.

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Do You Knock On Your Car’s Hood?

Do you knock on your car’s hood? Well certainly while scrolling my site, this post’s title might make you click on the article and force you to read that what it means. Well many of us know that animals, cats or dogs and even reptiles, they tend to seek refuge inside the car’s engine, under the cars or even the hood of the tyre. This wouldn’t be anything new to all of the car drivers but the reason this is being highlighted is that so you can be sure and as a reminder, to please knock on car’s your hood, bang a bit on your cars all doors so that if any of the cat or dog is either sitting inside or under the car would hear the noise and run from it.

It is that essential, because you won’t be able to sleep peacefully if you get to hurt any of the animal by mistake and later you would live in regret that “what would have happened if I could have atleast for once knocked on the hood or looked underneath the car”.

So be safe and keep an eye on the furry friends, afterall, all they need is shelter to survive the cold weather.

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Give Some Shelter To Animals During Rain

It’s the monsoon season and the clouds have started to shed some really harsh rain and that too non-stop. It has been raining since 7am (Pakistan Time). Not even for a single second the rain has stopped, it seems as if it will keep on raining and raining.

My request to all of you is, to please kindly give some shelter to homeless animals and those who are abandoned on the streets. The irony is, majority of the people who have pets are a bit hesitant which I totally understand but then again, if any of the stray seeks a shelter in your garden or shaded area then don’t hush them away as they would only stay there for a while and leave as the rain stops.

Spread this message as much as possible!