Meet Walkie Talkie

This is Walkie Talkie, mother of Nutty who is now a year and a half old, (touch wood). It has been a year and it feels like yesterday when Walkie used to come over for food and relaxing time, until one day, she had babies and then came with them to our house.

It is said like mother-like son. She is very vocal till to date, and her son Nutty is just like her. The moment he sees me through the net main door, he start calling me and keeps calling me until he gets my reply. The best part is that, these Cats have understood my habit of clicking finger and they come from where ever they are, because they know who actually clicked fingers in such a way.

Humans think Animals don’t understand anything, but actually they do, they very well understand what is going around and who is their owner as well as which family feeds them. SO that’s right, Cats are very intelligent and moody, no doubt. People who have dogs, won’t be able to relate to the Cat people as the Cats are highnesses!

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Feed The Strays

It’s been a week that I am trying to feed the strays as I feel that this is a little act of kindness that we all can do in order to make this society a better place to live. It is an irony that the person who does good, is being mocked, hurt, emotionally dragged just because they care for the lives of the Animals, because those animals who wander on streets are also deserving enough for food to live.

It does gets really disturbing that I really feel to walk up to those people and ask, what is bothering them, why are they mocking others if they are doing good. This is something which makes me think twice that we humans have literally lost some sense of living, this is the reason that without even thinking twice, I try to go daily and feed the strays in my community. This is the least that as a person I can do, I pour them dry dog food until their bowl is full and give fresh water as well daily. This is my habit and I do it, because it makes my gut satisfied that today I have had these animals well fed. If I can’t provide them shelter then at least I can make their worry less for food, they wouldn’t have to hunt, at least they would be able to eat proper once a time if not twice. I do have certain limitations, but even in that I try to make the most of it, I don’t let any animal go un fed if they turn up on my kitchen’s window sill, I make it a point to give them fresh food and water, practicing it since a long time now that the birds know, that I am the only one who would come to them for feeding them with their favorite meal.

All I would say is do good, be good and never think twice to help someone, you never know how difficult their life is until you live theirs for once!

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Humanity Still Exists?

It is very depressing to witness animals roaming in search for food, being a case of hit and run, bullied with the adults and children on the streets yet again being cursed for being defensive for themselves, why are Humans so mean? I sometimes really wish to have a place where I can accumulate all the street animals in one compound where they can live the way they want to, without the fear of losing their life or loved ones, being bullied, stoned to death or killed mercilessly. Yes killed!

Wondering why I used the word “killed”, because in my country Pakistan, there are people who consider them a useless animal which roams around the streets and barks all day. They don’t understand their barking then how will they understand the cause of the existence, I really feel so helpless when I can’t help the poor souls for being safe. We Humans have done everything in every field, but we are still coping up with Awareness For The Animals to exist on this land as this land is equally divided by our Lord. Then who are we to determine who is suppose to live and die, when we ourselves don’t know the date of our death then how can we decide? This is so ridiculous, so strange and yet so unbelievable that people actually want these dogs to be killed, and then make ruthless videos and share it online. Why? why such a behavior? How many people would actually like the fact of killing an innocent animal? Why cannot they adopt a simple method of getting them treated and releasing them in their own territory? They don’t want to neither they want to spend the money given for the treatment of the animals, rather they would use their money and spend it on themselves!

With such a heavy heart I have to say that people, you need to wake up! DO something good today so you can be remembered tomorrow! Make your existence into a good use, speak up for the Animals not because I am saying so, but because whatever is happening is not suppose to happen! These animals deserve to live and that too freely!

Are you going to speak up for the rights of the Animals and help me increase awareness on this fact, would you?

Comment in the section below.

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Winters Are Here

In the recent weather update it has been showcasing that the weather in the Metropolitan City Karachi, would tend to drop and might witness the first rainfall of the season with lightning and a bit of thunder. It is requested for you all to take care of yourself and your pets in the best capacity as you can.

The weather may it be summers or winters, just like Humans, Animals also feel the extreme changes of the weather and that’s why out of humanity, some people who feel the urge to help these innocent souls have either kept empty carton boxes in their house outer yard or either have given space in their houses. The reason this is being shares is to show that how you can help one another in this noble cause. I believe everyone of us has and have had done something good for nature and therefore, they are always blessed with something good. This is how universe works, if you do something good then the universe will bring the good for you in your life. You wouldn’t have to do much though, just a bit of few things and you can help save an innocent soul. All you need to do is the following, if you really want to make a difference in the life of an animal then follow these steps:

1- Keep an empty carton box, a bowl filled with cat/dog food;

2- A clean bowl of water;

3- A cloth placed in that carton box to make it a bit comfy.

These few steps can bring a change in someone’s life and the best part is, the reward that you shall earn from Almighty is something that you would have never imagined. You and I know, how it is like to feel cold and have nothing warm to wear, imagine these animals struggling to live each day and then have no warm cozy place to sleep. Yes, it’s difficult. So just try to make it a better day for them by this kind act.

Share your thoughts and act of kindness in the comments below, we shall be delighted to read it out.

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