Tag: Stray Cat

  • Saturday Post: What Should We Name Her?

    I have now by the grace of Almighty, around 3 stray Cats that am feeding. This one in the image loves to Talk!!! She is very talkative and so I would like you all to help me in naming her. Just to keep in mind, she is an adult female cat and has been talking […]

  • Look At This

    A clever stray cat takes a woman to a pet store to get what she wanted. Check this out Animals are too cute!! Omg, they are literally a bunch of happiness in our lives. We all should take care of the instead of being cruel. Follow us on IG: @HenaBlogForPaws

  • Looking For A Foster Home

    Is anyone interested in adopting a stray cat and her two kittens? I am looking for a forever home, who can take care of the cat and her kittens with same love and affection as they are use to of. As you can see, they live in my room and infact, these kittens were born […]