Urgent Appeal: Call For Sponsors

Hello everyone, hoping you all are doing well and dealing with the weather changes as well since the month of September is warm in most of the equator whether it is on higher altitude or lower, the global warming is all around the corner of the Earth. May Lord help us all.

The reason that I have started to talk and ask for help is because the need of sponsors are a necessity now as it is getting a bit difficult to help and feed the strays, as the bill gets higher on my pocket and hence getting them treated gets difficult. The chart below shall let you understand the amount that is needed to feed the Animals on the street. If you can help me a little even, that would mean alot because I believe in the saying which says, every drop of water counts and we all know that it surely does.

The amount that I require monthly is to feed the street cats with Target Cat Food which is around Rs. 10,000/-, for only 5 Cats, this is monthly expense and I am really glad that one of the sponsor who is sending me money every month makes a lot of difference. Every penny counts.

For neutering I require Rs. 8000/- ( to treat the male cats ) in the society. This method of treating them would make this society a better and a safe place for the females to survive and they won’t reproduce every thrice a year!

I would like you to spread the word and help me in being sponsored, because I can’t do it alone and I require help from you all.

Guide me through and let’s join hands to provide this society a better place to live in.

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Summers Are Approaching

Summers are approaching and if it warm for us then it is also warm for the Animals. If you are thirsty, they are too. If you feel hungry, so they do.

All you need to do is:

1- Keep a clean water bowl in your patio, rooftop or garden;

2- Place a bowl with pieces of bread in another bowl, so if any bird is hungry then can eat.

I have seen people placing mud bowls on the green belt of their houses for all the animals so they can have access to some water and food.Certainly it is also important to knock on the hood of your Car before igniting the engine. Also to kick on the tyres of your Car as the cats or dogs can seek shelter under the cars. These poor souls often get hit by the cars as the owners don’t check on their cars.

Following these steps can make you free from guilt of hurting an animal unintentionally.

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Angel In Disguise

When we lose hope in Humanity, somehow some Heroes struck our path and leave us in such a situation where we can look for some positive approach and think once again that Humanity does exist.

I have come across this person and I am interested in getting in touch with him.

This man really deserves an applause for the work that he is doing for the street animals.

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End The Breed Race, Please

There is no problem if you want to have a specific #Breed. The main problem is the way the people treat the #StreetAnimals.
Yes we should end the Breed Race while others are left to die on the street. We should end with the show off attitude by bragging about #owning a breed instead of a #StrayAnimal.
If you think of it, these animals are not stray by birth. They have been abandoned or stolen pets, they eventually ended up on the street and had babies, in short, increasing the number of the population of the street animals.
If each one of us, adopt one then there won’t be endless stray animals on the streets.
P.S. If you think that I should begin with it first then let me tell you all that #Alhumdulillah I have 3 stray cats adopted, and 2 strays dogs that I am feeding on daily basis.
*Think about it*

Spay, Neuter, Release

The image shows how well we can control the amount of stray animals on the streets. This method can help us have less dog attacks, hit and run cases also an end to their miseries that they face on a daily basis.

In the breed race and just for the sake of making money mindset. Humans have become so selfish that once their female dogs are over their liter, their Human owners leave the female dog on the street to live on her own! Isn’t this sick? Why the breed race, first of all? Just for making some money through the animals isn’t something to be proud about.

On an average, every street dog is hit and run. The massive increase of street animals have only caused miseries to them as well as Humans. Numerous dog bite cases have been reported and this has led the concern authorities to start shooting them. Before concluding, all I would request to every reader out there to be please have a heart and adopt the animals from the shelter rather than running after the breed race. This way the Shelter animals will have a home and they aren’t any less affectionate than the breed pet.

All Animals Deserve A Home As Every Animal Has The Right To Own A Family