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  • Friday Quote

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  • Be Kind And Save A Life

    Here is the image for you all to understand when we talk about that Cats / Dogs seek shelter under or inside your car. 1- As you can see, the cat has found a safe place inside the Engine. Therefore knocking on the head of the engine is important; 2- Usually, the Cats take a […]

  • Humanity Still Exists

    Somehow we have found this lovely video where we can clearly see that the poor street animals (dogs) have been given shelter by an Empty passenger ride Rickshaw. This footage is clearly of somewhere in Asia, where such rides are available. 3 street dogs have been asked by the rickshaw driver to hop in. We […]

  • How Adoption Works In Pakistan

    Adoption of pets is easy but when it comes to street dogs, it’s damn difficult as people only wish to buy good breeds. This argument has come a long way and for Animal Enthusiasts, it really becomes difficult when people show hatred towards the street dogs, without even understanding that even the street dog is […]

  • Taking Care Of Street Dogs During LockDown

    Here is what you can do: Stay safe and stay home, but don’t forget the ones who need us the most. Follow us on IG: @HenaBlogForPaws