Summers In The Metropolis

The weather has been rapidly changing and of course with time, months the year round the weather will keep changing as everything doesn’t remains the same. Every year in the Metropolis city of Karachi is the one who has been facing really hot weather during the months of April till June, and the heat wave continues and begins with the hot winds in September, basically, we deal with eight months of Summers and hardly four months of winters that’s why you would see people enjoying Winters the most as it is easy and pleasant to conduct any event or attending at meetings.

Similarly, this year is no different than last year the only difference which has been noticed is the sudden change in the summers as they arrived a bit early in the month of March. There have been various news about the weather and how one can stay safe from the direct sunlight as the heat is unbearable.

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I have been very keen enough to share the thought of being kind and sharing kindness, so today I would do the same. It’s a request to all of you to please keep a #clean water bowl for the #animals to quench their thirst. Summers are hot and warm for all the living beings and being the supreme living being, it is our bountiful duty to take care of all the beings on this planet.

I hope my message is conveyed, shared and spread to everyone you know.

Kindly share this status on your wall and more of #kindness is needed in the world.

Stay safe everyone!

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Summers Arrive Bit Sooner Than Expected

Summers are here already while we still await of the hottest month to arrive, but this year of 2022, has got something different for us. As the third month of this year is about to end, we can feel the severe heat wave spell coming across the Sindh, as the weather has drastically changed from cold to sunny, sweaty days. It is advised by the MET to stay at home during the day, as the heat may be very harsh which can end up in severe headache, nose bleeding and exhausting. With this drastic change in the weather, we have to take extreme care of our pets, and those on the streets. The least that we can do is, give them shelter and food for them to survive the day.

Therefore, it is requested to all of you to please keep a clean water bowl for the other animals to drink either outside your house or on your rooftop. Staying hydrated can save a life.

In order to keep your pets safe, all you have to do is:

1. Place Cooling Mat at a certain place where your pet sleeps or rest the most (indoor);

2. Give diluted milk with water (cold) for him to feel better and relax;

3. Keep your pets indoors no matter what;

4. Pat the forehead of your pet with cold water, to keep the head cool. Heat stroke can break down the nervous system;

5. Avoid giving heavy meals. Divide the quantity of the food, and give 4-5times. The meal shouldn’t be heavy. Usage of boiled chicken and boiled rice should be religiously practiced;

We all love our pets and they are someone as close to us as family.

Share in your ideas, let’s help others gain knowledge and share views. Together we can make a difference in our pet’s lives.

Heat waves, heat strokes, illness is with all living beings, animals shouldn’t be neglected in any way. We should take care of each other and every living being in every possible way.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Summers Are Going To Be Warm

Summers are here and if it warm for us then it is also warm for the Animals. If you are thirsty, they are too. If you feel hungry, so they do.

All you need to do is:

1- Keep a clean water bowl in your patio, rooftop or garden;

2- Place a bowl with pieces of bread in another bowl, so if any bird is hungry then can eat.

I have seen people placing mud bowls on the green belt of their houses for all the animals so they can have access to some water and food.Certainly it is also important to knock on the hood of your Car before igniting the engine. Also to kick on the tyres of your Car as the cats or dogs can seek shelter under the cars. These poor souls often get hit by the cars as the owners don’t check on their cars.

Following these steps can make you free from guilt of hurting an animal unintentionally.

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Be Kind And Save A Life

Here is the image for you all to understand when we talk about that Cats / Dogs seek shelter under or inside your car.

1- As you can see, the cat has found a safe place inside the Engine. Therefore knocking on the head of the engine is important;

2- Usually, the Cats take a nap over the place inside the car’s engine where there is a safe spot for them to hide and sleep;

3- It does gets difficult to figure out if the Cat is hidden in the engine or not as sometimes, you won’t even get to know when you start the engine as you won’t hear the ‘meow’;

4- Under the car, all the street animals cats and dogs seek shelter under the car as it’s safe and not too sunny or warm.

If we take care of certain points, it might be possible that we would be able to safe a lot of Animals life.

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