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  • Animals To Suffer Dehydration This Summer!

    Summers are killing and we all know that. When the high temperature gets unbearable for us then surely it becomes the same for the poor animals. Please, it is requested to all of you to kindly keep a bowl of water for these birds to keep themselves hydrated! Why not to show some kindness towards […]

  • Alert For Heat Wave!

    It is therefore requested to all of you to please place a clean water bowl in your Varenda, Patio, Garden or whatever outer place you’ve got so that the Animals can drink water. If we can feel hot so can they and the risk of having a heat stroke is for all the Mankind. If […]

  • How To Get Rid Of Fleas

    This year’s summer is not any different than previous years except of that the MET Office is saying that the heat wave wouldn’t be experienced in certain areas of the Globe. Let’s hope for the best though! We all know that when summers arrive, they bring various sorts of bad things and good things with […]

  • Summers Are Approaching With A Bang!

    Summers Are Approaching With A Bang!

    This year summers have arrived a little earlier as compared to the previous years and there is a fear of an increase in temperature unlike before. Keeping in mind that the summers come with scorching heat, warm wind blows, at times no rain. The weather tends to be different from other parts of the Countries […]