Friday Post: You Would Know When It’s The TIME!

I wasn’t sure and neither I knew that it was the time that I couldn’t protect my Diesel from. The time for him to depart this world was so near that he knew, now when I recall, I could see in his eyes, the way he used to look at me during his last days, it felt as if he is looking through my soul. He wanted to tell me, now I know that he knew his time was near, he knew it. That’s why he used to look at me straight into my eyes. I can’t have my Diesel back, but I can always cherish his beautiful memories that we created together.

Never knew that the video that I shared two years back, one day, I would be in the same situation where the pain would be so excruciating and unbearable.

Watch Here

My heart goes out to everyone who has been in this situation as it is very difficult time for me to coupe up. It’s been two months ever since diesel departed, till date I miss him too much as it seems like yesterday.

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