Don’t Abandon Your Pets

Imagine what trauma these animals go through when you leave them behind. It is surely very disturbing and traumatising for the animals itself because, they have no idea what are they suppose to do since they are the most loyal living beings around.

Humans have come to an extend where they have disobeyed all the ethics and values which once were taught to them. Despite of various protests and outrage on social media, there are certain countries like mine who are adamant of killing and abandoning pets whenever they wish, without realising the effect of sadness that would they go through.

What Happens When You Abandon Your Pet:

1- It isn’t anyhow justified to just leave your pets in the middle of the night that too, without food and water;

2- The trauma of the Humans behaviour they go through, is totally unbelievable as it leaves a big trust issues on the pets;

4- For You, they are a Part of your life and for Them, You are a Whole Family.

5- They keep waiting for you to return that maybe one day you shall take him home with you.

Why to give pain to a voiceless being when you know how they would be without you. One of the reason that I always share on my blog, to not to have a pet when you can’t take the responsibility for your entire life.

Animals deserve to live with the family they own, and once a pet remains a pet always!

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Leap Of Faith

  • I wasn’t a Cat person until I met Tiger, The Rescued Cat. All my teenage years I have been surrounded with beautiful number of dogs, varying in sizes and breed, never ever thought of having a cat because I always thought Cats don’t respond well like dogs -but I guess, I was wrong.
  • I learned that Cats communicate and the medium they choose is their Tail. When I rescued Tiger, at first I was a bit hesitant as he did not have any vaccinations done and too a stray cat, but gradually I had succeeded in gaining his trust on me. With time, I am able to understand a Cat’s behavior, specifically with “meow”. Yeah! I find it pretty interesting with my cat’s meowing. It is pretty cute to see how they make such sounds and look so cute altogether. It is just not the humans who have to put in their trust in animals, it is actually with mutual understanding between the human and the animal. Since I had the experience of being with dogs, dealing with Cat was not really difficult, but the point to realize is that my Kitty actually now depends on me!
  • My cat is not indoors. He goes out and comes back in. Majority of the time he stays inside but since he loves to stay outside, he does goes outside and rush back in because he has so many other cats who really end up fighting with him. Gradually, with time I realized that Tiger feels save when I am around. He would come outside seeing me strolling in the garden and sit on his favorite spot.
  • By sitting on this spot he gets the clear view to see his predators. Looking at him sitting like this with his ears all alert, I think to myself that how would have survived if I wasn’t here for him to help. I understand that Animals can defend themselves but once they get in a fight no one can save them! I am now more concerned about my Kitty because I got to know that cats if left unattended they can be defenseless!
  • Knowing that my kitty is only 8months, I really feel for him and his good health. Anyone of you can tell me the reason why the other cats are after him? What can I do to save my Kitty or make him brave enough?
  • Suggestions are welcome! Get in touch with me either comment or e-mail.