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  • Salute To These Heroes!

    The image shared below is so heart warming to see these people going out of the way helping the poor pets who have been left behind somehow. This is where humanity comes in existence, when I hear about such people it gives me a great morale boost that somehow there are people all over the…

  • Ukraine: A Big Thank You To Poland

    This is a great news for all the animals who are seeking shelter and are in need of proper care. If you know anyone then share this information with them. Spread the word and help all the Animals as much as possible. Follow for more updates on Facebook Group

  • Ukraine: People Leave Their Houses With Their Pets, But This Man Did Something Else

    There are a lot of people who have left their homes with their pets irrespective whether they would be able to make alive through the war, but what we have observed is that people have not left their pets behind. Seen many footages and images where it can be seen how lovingly they have their…

  • Ukraine In Crisis Amid War

    Our heart goes out to the citizens of both the Countries. We never thought that this day would arrive where we would come across news about ongoing War. This was something which our grandparents and parents witnessed and never had wanted to relive the moment. This is surely a time of grief, of course none…

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