Pets Are Family-Not Toys To Play With!

How many of you agree to this statement? Because, those people who would respond means that they are the ones who really cannot differentiate between a lifeless thing and a living being! I hope you all agree if I say ‘Animals are living being with the right to live’ on this mother land. Yet, we humans have the guts enough to abandon our pets in the scorching heat or in the middle of night in winters.

It’s painful to hear those cries and the thought of a pet left outside in such a weather. It is really heart breaking to see how we change our statements as the situation changes. Why we get so selfish? That we only think about ourselves and our children, why don’t we think the same for our pets? Why?

It was this year where a Hurricane abandoned so many pets, some were drowned, some were left behind and some were saved by real heroes who went ahead and found out a way to help all those pets who were abandoned.

Think twice before you think of getting a pet for yourself!

Be Kind To Those Who Can Give Nothing In Return Except True Love

What is Love? Is it a feeling or an expression that we state to whoever we tend to find a bond with. We are so occupied in our lives that we don’t tend to see the positivity found even in little things around us.

To amuse ourselves, we often go shopping, eat out, hangout with a bunch of friends or attend a concert or something or the other- we are always finding happiness in one thing or the other. It is all about what we have set in our mind. Similarly, if we take a look at our life, we have school going children, senior citizens, working husband and wife and a domestic pet. Do we actually notice that the pet we have in our family is also a part of “happiness-love”. How many of us do realize that the pets are a blessing in the household, how many of us really treat them with dignity and shower endless love and care to them? How many of us? Do we realize that our pet actually is an alarm clock who wakes us up in the morning before time so we don’t run late to school/office, do we realize our pet starts missing us exactly 20minutes later when they feel that their owner has gone for long? They do miss us and they need us always.

The image above is the answer of all the questions stated. The moment this picture was taken- I was about to leave for my errand that my little baby Tiger held my hand and looked into my eyes straight as if he said “Don’t leave me”. This was such an adorable gesture by my cat, that left me startled and I didn’t leave him until he was fast asleep. If we come to think of it- animals are so adorable. They know if we are not feeling well or have any sort of illness- they sense it before we find out what’s wrong with us. This is called “Love-Pure Love” which we are blessed with.

The best feeling for any Pet Parent is to be blessed with unconditional love and that can be found by the pet you have in your own house. You don’t need to search for love as you are already loved by your furry whether you’re nice to them or not. Their love is unconditional and till end of time.

Love your pets and take care of them. Remember, they are a part of our life but for them we are their Life!