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  • Can Wild Animals Survive In Un Natural Habitat?

    Can Wild Animals Survive In Un Natural Habitat?

    Wild animals are adapted to live in their natural habitats and have evolved over time to fit into their specific ecosystems. When they are taken out of their natural environment and placed in an unnatural habitat, their survival may be at risk. Unnatural habitats, such as zoos, aquariums, or captivity, may not provide the same…

  • Zoo Should Be Banned

    Zoo Should Be Banned

    Ever wondered why I am always against Zoos, which once was considered as the best place for keeping Animals of all kinds and types. Over a period of time, in-fact, should I say that when I was a kid, I wanted to visit Zoo and really liked majestic Animals being showcased in that cage which…

  • Zoos Should Be Banned If The Animals Cannot Be Taken Care Of

    The news that I am about to share is about a Lion who was separated from his Mother figure who took care of him always and never left his side until the last breath he took. Watch The Video Here As a child, I was fascinated to watch these majestic animals but back then I…

  • All You Need To Know About Cat Family

    Something that we all should know about and gain knowledge. Follow us on IG: @HenaBlogForPaws Follow us on FaceBook Group: @HenaBlogForPaws

  • Porcupine In The Neighbourhood

    A porcupine is spotted and it is always good to stay away from it to be on the safe side. What you can do if you spot on: 1- Always good to have a stick with you so you can hush it away; 2- Never intervene or call out names to a wild animal; 3-…

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