Happy 75th Independence Day Of Pakistan

This is the day where we mark the 75th year of our Independence of Pakistan, a country where we can live at peace and ease without the fear of being a second citizen.

All thanks to our fore-fathers the Founder of our Nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah Quaid-e-Azam for giving us a land to call as our own. I wish all the people of Pakistan a Very Happy Independence Day. Be tall, and proud of who you are and where you belong from, our roots are from this nation and will be till our death.

One request to everyone, those who are celebrating this day I would like you to know the following:

1- Don’t throw flags of our Country on the street after celebrating whole night;

2- Don’t use loud noise, horns in order to tell people that you are celebrating;

3- Don’t do fireworks as they cause severe ear damage and create loud noise which makes Humans and Animals uncomfortable to survive the situation;

4- Use this day to make a positive approach for the rest of your life rather than just celebrating whole night;

and lastly, make sure that noone gets hurt by your gestures, or even actions because Animals are the ones who are hurt the most during such situations and celebrations, therefore, it is very important for you to understand that these animals also have a life and need to live it at peace.

Once again, A Happy Independence of Pakistan to all the readers!

Pakistan Zindabad!

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Saturday Post: Don’t Abandon Your Pets Ever!

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. Today is the beginning of the weekend, and many of you might be having plans to hangout with your friends or family, before I go on I just want to ask that how many of you would ever abandon your Pets when you realize that you have no place to go or have to travel or have financial crisis, how many of you would abandon your pets with the situations you are dealing with? Do mention in the comment below, as I would be anxiously waiting for the answers.

Mostly what we have witnessed and seen is that people without hesitation always take Animals for granted and that as if it was never meant anything to them, their existence is just a burden on them and that they hold no sentimental value towards their pets, people with dire consequences or situations are the ones who end up begging their friends to lend them a helping hand in need, because there are no other place where they can keep their pet until they find a home, but unfortunately what happens is that the same people end up giving the pet forever, in short abandons them!

Watch Here

This man in the video is someone who has no clue what is left behind in his passenger seat and what next he is suppose to do!

A plea to all of you, to please think before you have a pet at your place, they are living beings and holds the similar sentimental values with emotions and feelings that you feel for something or someone. Don’t just take them for granted just because they are Animals, these animals also have the right to live on this land equally as us, the only problem is that they are the ones who are not considered being included in a family as Family Members.

Do mention in the comment below about my question asked above.

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Friday Post: Cats And Their Myth

Sometimes, it is overwhelming to see that how animals act much smarter and clever than Humans. They teach us things in so many ways that we cannot even imagine that how did they do that! I remember the time when my rescued Cat for the first time actually gave birth to kittens in my room, yes you read that right, she gave birth in my room and there I had to arrange all the stuff for her in order to keep herself safe and sound, but who knew that this mother cat had other plans. I had heard about that Cats usually switch places seven times, I don’t know the reason behind this but this was the first time that I had ever witnessed, my Cat Tiny (I named her because she was so damn skinny when she showed up in my garden), chose to switch places seven times within my room and like it was a playground for all the kittens, they scratched my carpet, hung up on the curtains and played as if it was a merry go round, then they wanted to get into the cupboard. They easily stayed in my room for around 2-3 weeks. I realized that it is very difficult to see that how the kittens don’t really survive in cold weather. One of the kitten couldn’t survive, she was the last one in the line and was so tiny and skinny, I did everything to save her but it was like Tiny didn’t know what to do with the baby as she was really not interested, I think, the Animals tend to figure out that how much or well their babies can survive. Otherwise, there wasn’t any reason for the mother cat to ignore.

A question to all the Cat parents out there, how many of you have witnessed such behavior of your Cats where they seem to be clueless or careless with their offspring, I need to know as I witnessed this for the first time.

Looking for answers in the comment section.

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Drive Safely For Yourself And Others

People drive recklessly without taking precautions and neither knowing who is crossing the road or are they breaking any signals, sad part is that so many lives are lost and majority of the cases are of hit and run and the ones who suffer are only the Animals.

Yes, these animals are the ones who lose their lives just because Humans are very careless about others and never understand that how much other lives also matter. We often think that it is the Humans who we should care of instead of the Animals. Please drive carefully, because they have children to feed too.

Watch Here

They have a life too!

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Swan Father Takes Care Of His Babies

Swans are a beautiful animal and oftenly known as faithful and mates for once in a lifetime. The story that I would be sharing with you is about a couple of Swan that how the mate died tragically and how the father now takes care of his babies just like a mother.

Watch Here

One of a rare and heart breaking story but also makes us believe that how the nature turns out to be. Even in animals, Mother means alot.

Do comment in the section below.

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