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  • Saturday Post: Cats And Thier Habit

  • Animal Cruelty At Rise

    Animal Cruelty At Rise

    Every single day, there isn’t a moment that I scroll my social media and I don’t get to see cases about Animal Cruelty. It sends shiver down my spine when I read about the animal cruelty. May it be any country, the sad part is that everyone is just not doing anything about it. These…

  • Happy New Month of June 2023!

    Happy New Month of June 2023!

    It surely is the first day of the month, but I am not really enthusiastic about the beginning of this month because, everyday, there is another case of Animal Abuse and for me, it is like devastating. The news that shakes me from the inside, actually makes me feel the terror, the pain, the agony…

  • If You Do..

    I think it’s time that people should start drawing a line in their home when they have guests over, because it is very unfortunate to get these furry friends re-located at a total stranger’s home where we don’t know anything about them and neither do we know their mind set. Leaving your pet dog alone…

  • Marshal & Millions

    Marshal & Millions

    To those who understand what it is like to lose a pet of years long, who has been your guardian, your caretaker, your guard and above all, your best friend forever who is loyal till the last breath. Who knew what would happen to Millions and Marshall. It is indeed one of the painful act,…

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