Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes, it was my birthday and by the grace of Almighty I was able to spend it with my lifeline, my family. This is the day where I feel blessed that I was able to have my anti-depressant, my little baby boo Diesel with me, who is now a senior dog of the age 13. God Bless (Ma sha Allah).

I always tell Diesel, that we together by the grace of Allah, made it together, we were kids and grew together, experienced challenges of life, environment, mood changes, health up and down, everything, we’ve been together for 2 decades by the grace of Almighty Lord. It has not been easy, as it was a roller coaster ride because, while I had to travel to USA, I had to leave my diesel behind with my father and those two months of my travel seemed like years, I still remember the tantrum my Diesel threw at me, he missed me so much that when he saw me home, he refused to come close to me, he didn’t like me giving him food, and when I called out his name, he use show his back to me. These little gestures of anger, love and affection made me feel that this is all what Humans feel. These animals may not be able to speak anything, but their little gestures and acts tells whole lot of stories. One of the major changes for us and him was when we changed houses and switched to a new place. I remember how my diesel reacted, he didn’t like anything about the place, as if he was uncomfortable and this was also bothering us as a family because, before he had a whole huge land where he could run and bark as much as he wanted and do as much digging but here his space is limited. I remember that one fine evening I went up to him and sat next to him, he growled at me, to which I commanded him NO. He went quiet and then I noticed tears in his eyes, this was then I realized that he is missing his old place and is only calm because his family is with him.

It is very important to feel and understand that how these animals share their emotions and gestures by their acts, and it should never be ignored because we don’t know what they are trying to warn us from or tell us something that is bothering them. All these gestures should be taken into consideration without any second thoughts because, it is the sign that they want you to know about something that they can see or hear or feel.

Remember, their gut feeling is strong as that is how they are created by the Creator.

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Pet Village Animal Hospital

I have been very keen to explore such places where Animals are treated well and kept at a proper enclosure with all the basic necessities. The only thing which caught my attention was that this hospital is open 24/7, and has all the proper care available with experienced doctors on board. Apart from that they also have basic necessities available for anyone with pets who wish to have either food, bowls, harness or even cat carriers or dog cages.

Pet Village hospital is situated at 26th Street, Defence Housing Society, Karachi.

If anyone who has been here, can share your reviews.

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Help Us Raise Funds For The Stray Animals

As you all know that this is that time of the year when the Cats are on heat which results in plenty of pregnancies, in short an increase in the population of the Animals on streets. If you notice, kitten do look cute and tiny to be with around, but if you look at broader aspect, these animals are harmed, hurt and they have been chasing their life to survive each day.

As a society we have to come together and work along to stop the increase of babies so that the adult cat live safely, and her health would improve rapidly. For this, I would need funds, so I request you to help me raise funds for the cause and the wellbeing of the animals.

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An Eagle Hunt Down A Domestic Pet Dog

These pet dogs were having fun and playing in their backyard while an eagle which was hovering up above the sky had some other plans.

Watch Here

It is really a sight of horror that what that dog faced, the trauma he must be in. Thanks to that lady who pulled over and saved the dog and reunited him with his family.

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Social Media Monday

Good morning readers! 

As today is Monday, so we are here again to share with you our Social Media Accounts through which you can be well connected. Welcome to #MarketingMondays

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