Happy New Month!

Good morning people!

Hena’s Blog For Paws greets all the readers A Very Happy New Month of May! As it’s the first day of the month how many of you are at work or are off? Labor Day yeah!

How do you plan to go about the day? Let us know in your comments below.

Welcoming you with new ideas, topics and suggestions. All the feedbacks are welcome.

Looking forward to read your comments and hope we shall be able to grow more awareness for kindness towards animals. May we educate everyone who is deprived of knowing what is right and what is wrong.

May we grow as an individual and as a Nation. Amen

Heat Wave Alert

A request to all to please keep your pets safe! Indoors, hydrated and cool.

It is very important to check for the symptoms that are mentioned above in the image to identify if your pet has developed a Heat Stroke.

The weather is reported to stay warm and above 100 Fahrenheit so please, don’t keep your pets chained, or on concrete pavement- their paws might get burned or inflamed due to rising burning temperature.

Stay safe and keep your pets safe too!

Where’s The Love For Donkeys?

Donkeys are considered to be the most innocent animal. Since 5000 years they are being used as domestic working animals. There are around 40 million donkeys in the world but are found more in population in underdeveloped countries.

The male is named as Jack while the female is names as Jenny or Jennet and young as a foal. The male donkey (Jack) mates female horses to produce mules, from a stallion and jenny as it’s parents is called a hinny.

It is pretty sad to see the way their owners treat their poor working animal. My heart cries out loud and makes me shattered just with the thought that these poor souls are being loaded more than the weight they can bear and instead of their owners being kind to them, they don’t get them treated, when in need. Being in such a country where the lives of Humans are not being cared of, how can we expect people to be kind enough to the animals! We have literally gone up to such people who own the poor soul and when we inquired about the donkey being weak or a bit injured, they simply replied to us by “non of your concern”. Can you imagine the irony! How are people being so ruthless and selfish, they are just thinking about themselves and their source of income, without even thinking that the poor souls also need the energy to walk all those miles to sell the stuff.

When will people learn. I wonder.

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