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  • Did You Know?

    It is ridiculous on the part of the Authority of the Safari Park. Well, it was previously reported that the elephant present in the safari park was considered as a Male, 10 years ago which has now been revealed as as Female Elephant by the Authorities. You would be as shocked as we are, as…

  • Did You Know?

    This is for all those who love riding Elephants.

  • Saturday Post: Share Your Best Click With Us

    What do you see here! Comment and let us know the behind the camera scene and we shall tell you whether you guessed it right or wrong. Follow us on IG: @henablogforpaws

  • Did You Know?

    If you read between the lines, then only you would be able to differentiate the life of an Animal and a Life of a Wild Animal. Living in Zoos, Circuses takes a lot of toil and the amount of torture these Animals go through is undefinable. If only they had a tongue to complain, probably…

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