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  • Do You Know What Is A Komodo Dragon?

    It is such a sad state that we Humans have forgotten that we are no one to take anyone’s life for which ever reason. It was just yesterday that I came across a Komodo Dragon- yes, don’t worry, it’s harmless and I was so excited to witness a wild creature before my eyes in a…

  • Majestic Wild Animals Deserve To Live Freely

    In my various previous posts I had mentioned about how the wild animals have been captivated and how they live rest of their lives away from their herd, families and ofcourse habitat, most of us usually forget that these animals are sensitive and also hold the same emotions and sensitivity just as Humans do, we…

  • Saturday Post: This Is Why You Should Never Pet A Baby Lion

    This has struck my heart inside out badly. The reason of sharing this animated video is for the purpose to make you understand what happens with the Animal after it is raised by a Human only to be shot. Click Here Follow us on FaceBook Group: @HenaBlogForPaws

  • On The LookOut

    Since we have been informing you about the wild animal (Porcupine) who happens to live in this secluded area, has a huge family of 5. Somehow we managed to have a so-called look of their den. As you can see, we are unable to stroll more around as the place was a bit narrow and…

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