A RunAway Elephant Shot Dead!

Life in a captivity tends to get over soon comparing to the life span of those animals who live in the wild. Elephants survive well when live in herds. Like Humans, even in anima kingdom, there are certain of them who prefer to live with family and stays together forever.

It is very hurtful that how we capture the Animal for our money making businesses despite of knowing that how cruel the process would be. When the inner-self starts to think about oneself- get to know that it is the time when the emotions and feelings have died. Torturing an animal, making it perform different and tricky tricks which they are not meant for. Brutally manhandled and kept starving for days so that the Human trainers can work on them. How sick it is! In my life, i have so far learned that Humans just for their sake can go upto limit. May it be for self or for earning money. Businesses don’t just establish within a fortnight, it takes sweat and blood but still, just to make their business roaring they would go beyond.

What was the fault of the poor animal? He just wanted to escape and live his life with his family. We have forgotten that these Animals have a life and a family and they do deserve to live life freely!

The look on the eyes of the Elephant tells a thousand stories which the Human’s naked eye cannot see!





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