Meet ‘Jenny The Horse’

Good Morning Readers!

Today, I am going to share a beautiful story of ‘Jenny’, a horse who actually goes on a long walk every morning all by herself in Frankfurt, Germany. Yup, that’s right. She has been taking the same route every morning for about 14 long years, ever since her owner, now 79 years old, became unable to ride. She is a beautiful, friendly horsey who enjoys greeting all of the familiar faces along the way, and she stops, gets treats and pettings from some of her favourite humans. The locals treat her like a celebrity and happily clean up after her.

There is a piece of paper which is attached to her halter that reads “My name is Jenny. I didn’t run away, I’m just walking. Thank you”. But the police get calls frequently from people who don’t know about her. They are very familiar with the horse and the owner. And there have been no incidents in 14 years of time. A local veterinarian gives her routine checkups and continue to find her to be healthy and showing no anxiety about her unique lifestyle.





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