You Plan To Relocate, Thinking What To Do About Your Pet?

Most of us share the same stories of life but majority of us don’t exactly know what the other one is going through. We often think that what we go through is more difficult and tough though we tend to forget to realise, the other one might be going through something that is way too disturbing. Everyone catching up in their time zone often forget that when they talk about Family, it also means to count in your pet.

Many people and their stories that I went through, read and even heard made me more shattered than I could ever thought. It is really a difficult situation of life and one has to face the reality that once a pet is always a pet. In order to figure out your plans, you need to think about:

1- What you need to do about your Pet;

2- How would you handle the travel with your pet;

3- Don’t miscalculate the behaviour of your pet post-travel, they do sense something is up;

4- Keep all the basic necessities of your pet, first aid kid and water carrier, poop bags and etc;


It is sad to see how people can simply abandon their pets upon relocating or expanding their family. How can one do this to their child? Have you ever wondered, how is a Human The child or a animal different than the other? The first thing that comes to our mind is “what would we do with our pet”? How will we take him along? These typical question arises but we fail to understand, that these questions should have arose earlier while adopting a pet!

Therefore, it is advised to please consider your pet as your family, they aren’t any less than a child. They have a heart, emotions, sentiments to express.

Animals are an innocent living being treat them with love and care!





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