Plea To All The Readers

It is a sincere request to all the readers to please show some kindness and respect to Animals that you encounter on streets or when returning from work.

Things that you need to consider before lending a helping hand:

1- Just do not go crazy to save an animal, make sure that he is not aggressive when you approach him;

2. Keep dry food or bread handy with you;

3. Do no go too close to the street animals as you don’t know how would they react;

4. Place a water bowl and bowl of food at such a place which could be accessible for them;

5- Remember: if you feed them once, it would be your responsibility to feed them everyday. Not to forget, they are Animals and not Humans.

Feed an Animal for 3days, he shall remember you for 3years and more. Feed a Human for 3days, he shall forget you in 3minutes!





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