Point To Ponder

Which world are we living in, a world full of hatred for all mankind or a world full of diversities irrespective to Humans or Animals?

With the passage of time, I have learned that Humans are the worse enemy of the Mankind. Yes, numerous of times I had wanted to gain my trust in Humans but each time my trust broke, not because I had depended on them but because, Humans weren’t able to come up to my expectations. Sadly, there hasn’t been any one example which can make a major difference in changing my mindset. *Sigh*. The so-called two legged have proven to be Selfish and Self-centered (they only worry for themselves). With the recent life threatening disease named ‘Coronavirus’ has taken up the world like Wild Fire, everywhere in the news and social media everyone has been talking and sharing news and updates about it. The worse part is that without the basic research and authentic information the people of China who owns pets have started to throw their PETS, from the rooftop so that they (Humans) don’t catch the disease from their Pets! If you are aware then you must be knowing that this virus is not spread due to Domestic Animals infact, it is spread due to the Wild Animals they EAT! Yes, in the recent study it was shared that consuming of the wild animals including (Bats) has caused this spread of disease so rapidly. Like you all know, Chinese people eat anything that MOVES! Nature is for sure for us but there are certain limitations which are ought to be observed.

Therefore, if you know anyone around you who knows Chinese people, then please tell them to read and search the root cause of this virus. It is very essential for us to help those who are still unaware and are harming their own Pets by taking away their lives!!!

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Author: Hena Osman

An Animal Lover, Blogger for Animal Rights, Animal Enthusiast, Animal Whisperer and an Animal Activist. My blog is all about Educating and Creating Awareness about Animals co-existence in our society. There is a void which is still existing in the mindsets of the people and my articles are all about clearing the concept about how well Humans and Animals can live together on this land with full freedom.

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