What About The Animals?

As we all know that this Pandemic virus is here for a while now but we all have to move ahead and get going with our things. That’s right, some of us infact most of us are working from home, whereas the commoners are busy hunting for work to get some food back home, and then there are those who even cannot speak for themselves (Animals).

We forget that this lockdown in the Country has not only stopped our lives but has also halted lives of these animals who use to easily fetch food before as now, none of the Human is out there to help them eat. Look at the Pets Market, it’s horrible down there, if the Government and a known Animal Welfare wouldn’t have intervened, those poor animals would have died there. When those markets were raided, plenty of animals were seen lying in their own dirt and with no water and food. Those owners of the shops left those animals in those tiny cages to die! On the other hand, one of the cruel owner of a Pet Shop had abandoned, thrown little puppies, dogs and cats in Sewerage! Can you imagine? How on this earth that person didn’t have a heart to inform someone so atleast they could have been taken by someone or even adopted!!! How could they! The images are so intolerable that I am unable to share and till yet, haven’t been able to witness it myself. It’s so devastating and disgusting that I am unable to tell.

How can you sleep peacefully after committing a crime? Throwing animals, abandoning them, torturing them is not bravery. In my opinion, those who commit such crime as not even worth calling Humans!

But in the end, the alive animals were taken by the Welfare, got them treated and some have been adopted.

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