Nobody Needs To Teach Kindness As It Comes From Within

As a National Day Of Strays is somehow cherished and celebrated, this year it has been different since the CoronaVirus has taken over the globe like a Flash, may Lord help humanity. Amen.

Every Animal deserves to live freely and without being kept in cages as pets or as entertainer. April 4th is a dedicated national day for animals, but for us, we cherish and celebrate each day as Strays Day because we value life and valuing each life means that we are being thankful to our Lord for making us the ultimate being!

If any Human could feel what is hunger, thirst, abandoned then probably none of the Animals would be facing such issues over the globe. This is a mind set which needs to be changed and should be considered as matter of Life. The lives of the animals do value and does have an impact on the Humans and the nature.

Think about it!

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