Nail Clipping, Really?

How many of you have personally used Nail Clipper/Cutter on your pets? Well I would be more specific, Pets I meant as Dogs?

Have you tried?

Since the time I shifted to a new place, there are certain things which makes me a bit upset for my Pet Dog. I shall list it below so it can help you all (if in future or either you are facing such an issue);

So here it is:

1- This place is a closed community which means, my dog cannot be left out in the yard (of the house) roam around freely as he isn’t allowed to bark (as he might, if he sees a cat or any other animal or even humans if they pass by his territory);

2- Not a place to run! Well since I was living in a huge house earlier, this house is comparatively small and hardly has space to run around, so his running has pretty much cut down so I have to make him run in the provided space;

3- Main issue is the Nails!! Yes, his nail as he use to run around earlier in the old house, here he isn’t able to and that has made his nail grow instead of naturally being chopped;

4- The image shared above is of Nail Clipper. This is the first time that I will use it for my Pet Dog, even his vet never used this tool on my dogs as it was never needed;

5- He use to live outside and enjoyed the breeze, plants, trees and flowers even, now he stays inside the house.

In short, these are the current things that are a bit bothering me, it is all about how we take things as.

I do agree that my pet dog loves staying with his owner in the house, as he wasn’t able to earlier (in the previous house), since he is able to move inside freely, going in any room, his own room or even the Tv lounge, he loves it all.

Sometimes, Life teaches us a lesson and sometimes it is a test for us. Wish me luck!

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