Having Problem Dealing With Children During Pandemic?

What are the reasons that parents are having such a hard time at home around children? What is really bothering them and howcome the parents aren’t really bothered with the upbringing of their children? It amazes me when I see parents behind the act of Cruelty towards Animals. It’s really weird to see people have left their responsibility and are not really worried about their children’s conduct which is WRONG!

Seems like as if the Pandemic has made people go off their senses and the parents are no longer interested in having children at home most of the times.

They have no idea what their child is upto and what chaos they may create in the future. In order to keep your children safe all you have to do is treat them with love and affection by telling them what is right and wrong.

I will be soon Coming Live on Kidpreneurs Pakistan where I will be talking about the right approach of children and their behaviour with and around animals. As it is very important for them to be a better human so that in future they are able to differentiate between the Right and Wrong.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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