World Under The Spell Of ‘CoronaVirus’

As the months are passing, the more the people are becoming reckless towards this Virus, considering it as a Hoax!

As you all know that Covid-19 has spread rapidly like a wildfire and has not spared any country, somewhere it is worse and somewhere it is controlled or is under the spell of increasing. People have been found abandoning their pets more than usual, as none of them have the clear knowledge neither wants to take the responsibility, so they have opted for dumping their pets whom they considered as “Pet” right down the street, the poor souls don’t even have the idea what’s going to happen next. The animal who doesn’t have any idea regarding the streets, as well have no interaction with it’s whereabout, what do you think how will your Pet Cat or Pet Dog survive? This is literally an unacceptable act by the Cowards who think that these poor Animals are the reason for the spread of the virus. Earlier it has been shared over the social media and news regarding the transmission from an Animal to Humans have been negative then howcome people are not giving an ear and thinking about what will the poor soul do after living most of his life with them and now he would be left out in the open for the vultures to attack, he would be more vulnerable to hit and run case or even stoned by the trespassers or even the children in the neighbourhood.
As we had shared earlier, there are no complaints that Animals to Human transmission has taken place. There hasn’t been any one case as of yet, infact, it is said that there was a case at the Bronx Zoo in New York City late last month, where Nadia along with six other Big Cats (Tiger) was the first case of Covid-19 who were infected by asymptomatic ‘Zookeeper’, he was a carrier and he passed on the virus to the Animals as he was working closely. The tests were confirmed by National Veterinary Services Laboratory of Iowa. It was learned that the Cats developed dry cough after the exposure of the employee. It hasn’t been confirmed till date regarding the transmission of disease of Pets to Humans, lately the doctors have been stressing on the fact that there is no evidence of either they becoming sick or spreading the disease.
Therefore it is requested to please, stay safe, wash your hands before and after going and coming back from your pet. It is for the betterment of your pet and for your own self. To keep hygienic environment should be our major concern. If you want to live a healthy life and want your pet to be on the safe side, then do as follows:
Here is what you need to do:
-If you’re coming from outside home, then make sure you disinfect yourself;
– Wash your hands, face, feet for good 20 seconds as recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO);
– Change your clothes;
-Make sure your outside shoes are left out of the house and wear new pair of slippers /shoes inside the house, so that the virus cannot transmit through the sole of your slipper;
-Pets are adorable, therefore you need to keep them safe as well and need to care for their hygiene as well;
-Though it would be better if you do disinfect your pet’s feet but since there have been worse cases, I wouldn’t recommend you to disinfect them instead wash their feet or use wet wipes;
-Always wash your hands and feet thoroughly before and after being with your pet. Doesn’t matter even if your pets are indoors, you never know where was the last time you laid your hands at, and since this Virus is all about transmitting through ‘droplets’ so, it’s very important to keep yourself neat, clean and hygienic.
Always remember Pets only spread love and affection. Coronavirus spreads by Humans as they are the carrier and they are the victims themselves!





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