How To Teach Children To Be Kind To Stray Animals

I am so delighted to be honoured on KidPreneurs Pakistan for speaking about Children’s behavior towards Animals.

In the session, I was able to address parents and children regarding their conduct and behaviour towards stray cats. It is really eye-brow raising when Educated Parents are backing their children teaching their child the wrong habit of approaching towards an Animal. The only way to approach a stray cat is by luring them with food. If you know any child or an adult who has a habit of just running after and scaring the poor thing then do let us know. Together we have to spread awareness as it is very important.

Steps to reach out to stray cat:

1- Lure them with food, even a piece of chicken or milk with water would do;

2- Repeat the same practice, it will work;

4- Stray Cat would be your friend if you didn’t bother her much.

Animals are adorable and only thing they seek from Humans is love and affection. We are not someone whom every being is suppose to trust, even Animals can sense the good and bad in Humans, they are the creation of GOD and HE has given them the power to judge and trust. They are so innocent that even if you put poison in food they would eat without realising that Humans are the worst enemies on this earth.

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