Sunday Post: Children And Their Conduct With Animals

There was a time when Parents were involved with their children and use to make sure that their child is getting the right teaching from his Parents and School. Since couple of years, it has been pretty clear that as life has been becoming fast and hard, the more the parents are being least interested in the habits, interests and studies of their children which is worry some.

Children spend most of their time at home and since during Pandemic, they are getting their teachings at home only, despite of this, Parents are not really spending quality time with them, why? It is really saddening to see when their child is not having the right behaviour towards his fellow friends or even with the Animals. If Parents are not going to teach them the basic ethics then who will? Not a single day pass without a child not being able to understand the fact of ‘Kindness’. Last night, a girl child came running to me and asked me about my Cat (the same white cat Snowy, who use to follow me around in the neighbourhood), she wanted to know where was the cat, I somehow didn’t mention to her that where she was all I replied her “she must be here and there”. That girl ran back to her parents and as I continued my walk, what I see next is that the same girl running like crazy after another cat, scaring her to death, to which that Cat his right behind the trash can so the girl cannot harm her. As soon as I saw the sight, I went up to her and told her that by this dumb act of hers, the Cat won’t be her friend anymore and the next time she would see a Human, she would scare him just as you did.

It is so weird that even the Parents were present they didn’t stop her and told her that, it’s not the right approach to an Animal to just be friends. What is happening to the Parents? Are they even thinking where are there children going to be in the next ten years!!! People should start taking Parenting seriously, children need to learn ethics, respect, moral and values. Without these basic teachings, our Country would be doomed in the coming years!

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