Humanity Still Exists

Somehow we have found this lovely video where we can clearly see that the poor street animals (dogs) have been given shelter by an Empty passenger ride Rickshaw. This footage is clearly of somewhere in Asia, where such rides are available.

3 street dogs have been asked by the rickshaw driver to hop in. We salute this man for such an awesome act of kindness. These people may be poor but are rich from their heart. They might not have a proper meal for themselves but would offer the best of the best meal to someone who comes over to their place, they might not spend much on themselves but would let go the passenger in order to save the lives of the street dogs.

Then we say that street animals are the ferocious. If they are the most dangerous animals on this land then what would you comment on after watching this video? Even Animals know their instinct and are very much aware of the fact that which Human is to be trusted and not to be trusted.

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