Where Is Parental Guidance?

With the recent hype of such a incident of Kitten Rape which has taken social media like a fire. Who is to be held accountable?

I don’t know what to say, I think Humans have turned out to be Monsters and we are raising monsters and nurturing them by providing them with latest gadgets, by giving them the freedom of technology and everything. We as Parents are not paying attention in our children lives. This wont be a lie because if we were to be then probably such incident wouldn’t have taken place. We would have been raising Humans instead of frustrated monsters.

Since this year has started with Covid-19, I have been getting multiple complains of Parents that they seem to be very disturbed by their children staying at home most of the day. When asked them to spend time with kids, usually what parents reply “Kids make a lot of noise, always asking for something to eat and I am tired of taking care of them that’s why I tell them to go and play somewhere outside”, but they forgot to tell their child where to play! That’s where the lack of guidance shows. When Parents won’t take interest in their children then how would they communicate and share what’s going in their mind. The time that they spend outside with their so-called friends, how would you know whether your child has a good company or a bad company? If a child does an awful act, usually parents don’t accept that, they always consider their child to be naive, though he isn’t because if a child can think of something wrong, then he wouldn’t waste a minute in committing a crime!

Therefore it is parents duty to monitor their child strictly on a daily basis, should have such a bond with their child that they should be confident enough to share their darkest secrets. Agreed that there is a barrier of respect between child and his parents but they shouldn’t be so aloof that they would be uninformed about anything that has happened with their child or their child has committed an offence.

Please stay vigilant. Be attentive and listen to your child.

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