Update On Kitten Rape

This is an update on behalf of the shelter home of JFK who has faced a lot of trouble in raising the matter to the authorities, we just pray that the Kitten gets justice and the culprits be punished severely.

Finally Law Enforcement Authorities have taken up the case and will further investigate everything related to the Kittens Rape. Refrain from posting made up stuff, or any theories, let law handle this now. I did my part, now it has to be done by the authorities. Hope and pray justice is served and the culprits are exposed. The entire thing turned against JFK being wrong rather than catching the rapist. Some people have been focusing more on defaming JFK rather than raising voice towards the case and still are actively doing so and that too by calling them selves activists. But it does not matter, this was something to unite not make groups. Also JFK is not alone because of all the wonderful supporters out there who stood by JFK in this tough time from all over the World. Nothing can stop me from rescuing or working on my shelter. I will not stop saving animals. I will fight till my last breath till animal rights are given, till animal laws are made, till their pain is taken seriously. I spoke to someone and they said can we even punish someone by law if they have raped a kitten? This came from a serving officer who did not even know this, this sums up the level of animal rights we have here. Another kid that was humping the cat in another video that went viral got away with it by saying he was playing around. IS THIS FOR REAL? Can someone play like this with a human? How is it ok to hump a living being sexually calling it a joke. Whats more shocking is that he got away with it because our society didnt find that clip RAPEY ENOUGH. For our society the organ has to be inserted in the animal in order to consider it a rape or take any action. Anything done to an animal other than this act is justified and one can get away with it. So this is what i’m standing against, i demand proper animal laws where each living being is given rights and respect, where touching an animal wrongly and sexually is a crime. Till now if you makeout with an animal and touch them or hump them it is not rape, i swear someone called me and said that too. I hope all of this leads to proper laws so sick kids like these know their boundaries and are punished on such acts. I hope animals all over the world will get some sort of protection and people will start talking about their rights. Currently there is not even any department here where sexual abuse against animals can be reported, i request the authorities to make such a department in our country. There are multiple videos related to sex with animals in our country and all of those people need to be punished one by one. You can look it all up yourselves.

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