Update: Kitten Rape Case

Good morning readers, hope all are keeping well. Today we have for you the update on the Kitten Case. Those who are new readers, here it is for your reference.

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If you have any questions, doubts, thoughts regarding the alleged rape case of the kitten this video will help you understand it from start till the current situation. Also the future and present situation of animal rights and laws in our country. Everything on the internet and every post made by any other individual or organization is theory based or a bunch of lies other than this video regarding the kitten case.
Thank you Owais Rabbani Speeches Bhae Momin Lodhi Haziq ali khan Mian Umer Ahmad IShah Asif Malik
My name is Momin Lodhi and I’m an attorney at law by profession, representing my client JFK Animal Rescue and shelter for the entire alleged kitten rape incident. This statement/post is important to clear a few things out and take the entire social media community on board with us because I personally believe that this is a public interest matter and public should be aware of what’s happening in this case. Firstly, to briefly narrate the situation, a woman named Uzma Khan and her brother Haider Ali reached out to my client on social media claiming that a few people have raped a kitten in Lahore and therefore, they require JFK’s assistance to highlight the issue and pursue it. For that matter, they provided some videos and other evidences to my client in which the kitten’s rectum was clearly damaged and they also provided videos of a cloth /swab which they claimed to be drenched in semen of the alleged rapist(s) and also a shopper like substance which they claimed was recovered from inside the kitten. They also said that the injured kitten was treated by “K.M Pets Clinic” a few hours before it died. Based upon all these things, JFK published a post narrating the entire situation and demanded that investigation by relevant authorities must be done to find out the truth. However, when the entire situation got highlighted on social media, a mixed response came forward and not only were they (Haider and Uzma) scrutinised but JFK was also alleged to have narrated a “false story” by a few people who claimed it to be a propaganda and fake in it’s entirety. Subsequently, JFK requested Uzma and Haider to physically provide the “bag of evidences”, which they made and shared a video of as well, so that it could be provided to the authorities and legal action could be taken. However, they refused, irrespective of the fact that my client personally went all the way to their neighbourhood on their own request. Meanwhile, few statements were made by “Dr. Khalil” who is a veterinary doctor and who treated the injured kitten. He said that kitten was not raped and it was a mere infection, based upon which a propaganda was being created by my client. Meanwhile, a social media news agency by the name of “ProPakistani” published a couple of Articles on 29th and 30th July which quoted that Dr. Khalil made a video statement in which he stated that my client the “JFK lady” repeatedly forced him to write that the kitten was raped, to which he refused. This is a completely false statement based upon lies as my client has never in her life ever met Dr. Khalil and never visited his clinic. Moreover, he also said that the kitten was “not raped” but subsequently when inquired that “can you say this with full conviction that whether the kitten was raped or not”, he responded NO I CAN NOT as a detailed examination was not done, hence contradicting his own statement. Based upon such defamatory and false content, proceedings have been initiated against both, Dr. Khalil and ProPakistani before the relevant authorities which are under process.
Recently, I personally met Uzma on her own request and i attempted to persuade her that she needs to be the one to initiate legal proceedings for the alleged kitten rape case because if my client or I personally reach out to the authorities(police), our entire application would be based upon a “hearsay evidence” (suni sunai bat) and thus would have no legal standing. To this, she demanded a couple of days to think and just recently, she flatly refused to be the complainant or pursue this matter in any way legally. A question was repeatedly asked from my client on social media platforms that “why haven’t you initiated proceedings against Uzma”? For that matter, being their attorney, we hadn’t pursued it till date based upon a hope and a promise that she would provide us with the tangible evidence and help us pursue it legally. However, based upon her conduct and flat refusal, we will provide her presented evidences (message chats, audio chats pictures and videos) to the relevant authorities for investigating into the matter and proceeding against her on the next date of hearing/meeting with the authorities(FIA Cyber Crime Wing). Narrating this entire story, allow me to ensure you that the perception that “JFK is a part of a false propaganda” is completely incorrect and I hope that this post/statement would aid in understanding this.
Lastly, a question arises that “does this mean that the entire chapter is closed”? The answer to this question is NO! Firstly, when we provide the evidentiary content given to us by Uzma/Haider to the authorities on our next meeting, it would automatically trigger a detailed investigation into the matter and the truth will automatically surface. Secondly, if the kitten is really raped, this situation highlights the fact that paucity/scarcity of legislation on animal rights, in context of sexual abuse, makes it difficult for the voiceless animals to be given justice and therefore we are going to move a writ petition before the honourable High Court to direct the legislative assemblies to legislate over animal rights. This is so because there’s only one section of one law/statute, which is the section 377 of Pakistan Penal Code, that deals with such situations, which is very unfortunate and animal rights must be legislated over by the legislature for which inshallah we will try our level best. Having said that, i thank all of you for your unconditional support and keen interest in to the matter and we will keep you updated on every important development of this case.
Source: JFK Animal Rescue And Shelter





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  1. iamvhardik Avatar

    Bestiality is treated as a crime of unnatural sex. It should be made a part of the animal cruelty legislations.


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