Everything Should Have A Limit

I am sure everyone loves surprises, gifts and surprise parties but it doesn’t means to involve pets in those surprises, right?

What we often come across is how people manipulate their happiness in bringing agony to the Animals and making it sound ‘Fun’, though it isn’t actually. Majority people have been offended with such occurrences and it doesn’t means that if someone is not saying anything, means nothing has happened at all.

Click Here

What you’re about to witness in the video can be devastating for anyone who owns a pet or either has strong bonding with Animals. When I saw a glimpse of the video it literally shook me from deep inside and made me watch the whole damn video, cursing the woman who had this idea, just as the video went on going I gathered my anger and then realised that it was a fluff and not a real Pet. Since we live in a place, where any sort of animal abuse is expected, I was expecting none the less though.

After watching the video do share your views in the comments below.

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