Torrential Rains Create Havoc In Karachi

The Metropolitan City (Karachi, The Hub Of Business) affected by torrential rains that hit the city on August 26th, 2020 damaging and making a life on stand in most of the areas.

The people were already devastated and worried about themselves during the water gushing into their house while their pets wandered around and managed to either get rescued or saved by some kind hearted people around. In most of the areas, every person faced a bit to a lot of damage, water gushing in their homes making people drown in their own houses as well as those lives were not even save who were out on the road rushing to their safety. Apart from all of this, this rain didn’t stop right there, it kept on pouring in the city causing too much of trauma for the pet parents as well as people who were stranded the their homes without food, water, electricity.

Street Animals were found floating, swimming in the water and some of them were found electrocuted as the water almost was standing in most of the main areas of the city. What really happens is, when it starts to rain, the clouds start creating a noise, it starts to thunder and creates lightning which is why most of the street animals get scared of and start getting panicked. Therefore, it is requested that please be kind to animals specially in such a situation where Humans are not safe then how can the animals be. Try to be the helping hand for them, all you have to do is to let them take shelter in your home, they would stay there until they are dried and they feel secure to roam around the vicinity. Be kind to them.

It is a request to all readers to please be kind to animals at most of the times

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