Does Your Dog Wants To Eat What You Like To Eat?

Well this is an everyday morning routine. Whatever I will eat my baby wants to eat the same thing, whether or not it’s good for him, he simply wants it! This is what every Pet Parent would relate to, it is not how we train them but it is more like, what they wish to adapt from us as they live with us. They understand our language, voice tone, frequency and also the ways we take their name in different slangs, yeah that’s right.

The image above is of today and usually when I wake up, I make sure that am done giving with his favourite morning meal and then start making my breakfast. This little guy, sits afar from me and checks me out from the another angle where he can have a good eye on me whether am I going to feed him or the cat while being sitting outside. This is what I was able to click as soon as I raised my hand to pick the slice of bread to eat and this is how he looks at me or should I say, Stare At Me! Do you see that? That look on his innocent face says it all, seems as if I don’t feed him anything lol

Does your dog do the same thing?

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