Animal Avenger, Right!

I am so overwhelmed with the response towards the cause that I have been doing since a while now, yes the Journey has been amazing yet very difficult as there were times when people around me made fun of me because of the work I do but it didn’t stop me from it, I worked hard and effortlessly and still continue to because I know there is a need of people like me to raise voice for the voiceless to make a difference in our society towards betterment of the lives of the four legged.

While there were people who spoke about me behind my back and on the other side there were people who were praising my efforts relentlessly. This feeling is so amazing that I cannot express in words or maybe words would become short. It is the love and respect of people that I have gained not forcefully but with actions, by my work. Though it wasn’t an easy task but yes, I have been striving for it and will continue to until this Universe becomes a better place for Humans and Animals to live freely.

I meet people from different walks of life and every individual represents his background, lifestyle and upbringing, not to forget a child upbringing begins at home and that’s the right teachings that goes a long way. Till today, there are still people who encourage their children to hunt animals for fun, there are still sick people who torture animals or even use them for their entertainment. There is already too much horrific incidents happening around us why do we need to increase more hatred and rage amongst us. All you need to do is, take a stand, if you see any child or an adult mistreating an animal then kindly go ahead and stop them. Remember if you would stop them today, tomorrow they would do that and help another animal.

Actions speaks louder than words and we need to speak less and work harder because when we’ll work business only then people would start taking us seriously!

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