If You Can’t Feed Them Atleast Don’t Hit Them

The basic ruthless act that I have always witnessed that whenever you dine out on the seats placed at the road side restaurants, these stray cats often visit because they are hungry and need food. What do you do next, if you have a cat sitting infront of you asking for you?

This is what you do! You kick them, without thinking that since how long this poor soul hasn’t eaten, she might be having babies, she might be starving. Your one bite would give her another day to survive.

Please be generous, atleast to animals, if you are eating anything and if you have a leftover then give it to the strays, that’s their daily survival meal. It really makes a difference in their lives and in their children lives.

Have a heart and feed a stray. A little act of kindness will make you a better person day by day.

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