Sunday Post: Yes They Can Also Feel Your Pain

Animals sniffing sense is so striking for them which makes them alert before something to happen. If a Dog Parent is sick, these animals can sense that their owner is not well, even if his Pet Parent is having any sort of trauma, disease, anxiety, depression-they can heal them in various ways. There is a centre called as Service Dog, which specially trains dog to be hired for a child who has an autism or someone who needs a dog as a companion in older age. There are certain people who are too much into dictating others so it is advised to them to adopt a dog, why? So that he would be able to give commands and the Pet Dog would learn and grasp his owners commands and obey.

This image shows the true bonding of Dogs, yes of two different breeds but just look at their bonding. The labrador retriever is on IV and the Husky is his best friend, they grew up together forming a lasting friendship and this image perfectly states an example of how these animals can feel and sense pain. This husky wanted to be with his Labrador friend, so he was brought in the clinic and comforted his friend that it’s going to be okay.

This picture speaks thousand words yet words get less to describe this beautiful picture.

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