Saturday Post: Everyday Challenge

This is what do I have to deal with like everyday. Now most of the times it isn’t really something to ‘Awe’ at because, this kitty now named as Talky, yes Talky because she talks a lot and too loud.

Recently I witnessed that she has been really bothering my Snowy and has now started to pick on her. Snowy has been really innocent and has been hit and beaten by Talky a lot that now she hides in one of rooms at the back yard which happens to be my store room. It does gets a bit annoying as Talky is an adult cat and now is trying to make snowy get out of the house and this is purely Jealousy. I can literally sense Jealousy in Talky and it is now bothering me a lot.

Many of you would be thinking that I might have been beating the hell out of Talky and abusing the animal well then, NO, I have now started to feed Talky out of the house so she knows that she won’t be allowed to enter the premises and bug Snowy. Whereas Snowy is concerned, I still feed her as many times in the day whenever I spot her sitting at the kitchen’s window sill.

Hopefully you guys can still give me some suggestions on how to deal with this jealousy amongst Cats! All the feedback and opinions are most welcome.

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