Frequently Asked Questions

Since we have been getting many queries and suggestions that FAQ’s should be added in our post so here it is. We would begin with the most common question by our readers and Pet Parents who wish to know whether it is safe to leave their children alone with their Pet Dogs. Every week we will share the Questions that is asked frequently by either Pet Parents or those people who are willing to have a Pet at their home.

Q. I was asked to give a bit of clearance when we say ‘Parental Guidance For Children’. It is always advised to not to leave children unattended, they should always be accompanied by either Parents or other elders of the family, but despite of promoting so-many on-going cases and horror stories, it still stuns me that how Parents leave their children alone or send them out in the park without any elder to take care of them.

Parental Guidance is always needed specially when we are discussing about Pets and Children. This is always advised to not to leave children alone with their furry friend, not because the Pet will attack but because you never know what unforseen situation comes infront of you. We have been getting cases where the child and a pet dog was left alone in the room. When the mother of the 2 year old returns back, she sees a pretty disturbing scenario and that was, the poor dog’s skin was being held by the 2-year old kid! Yeah, we don’t have a footage in order to make you understand the situation but all you need to know is that the child didn’t know what he was doing and whether he was hurting the dog or not as he didn’t know. But the mother later told us that the dog was whining in definite pain and he had held the dog’s skin so tightly. God Forbid, anything could have happened and the mother wouldn’t have known and neither the poor innocent soul can complain. Who would vouch for them because most of the time it is the poor animal who is being beaten or punished by his Owners.

Therefore, it is always said to please keep an eye on your child whether he is around Pets or somewhere on a walk, because you wouldn’t want your child being scolded by the people on the street for their conduct with the street Animal.

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