Struggle With The Muzzle!

It is the very first time in my life that I would be having my Dog Diesel wear muzzle. Yes, it’s a (long story cut short)I live in a closed vicinity where the dogs are not allowed to bark and if they do then you shall be fined. So in my earlier post I had shared that how I found Dog Muzzle.

Since Diesel is not use to it, I had him wear the muzzle and made him stand at the front gate of our house so he could have the feel and sense the environment, as the noise of the children was coming from the neighbourhood and then he could see driver cleaning his car but what I noticed was that Diesel certainly was not liking the fact and wanted to bark lol which he couldn’t so he would just give me the look and then turned around to go back in the house. So that was it for the first time.

I will share my experience on taking him on a walk as I am very much willing to as it’s also necessary for dogs!

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