Do Not Keep Your Pets Hungry

Those who are able to read would understand what is written in this image and for those who don’t understand I would explain them in the translation.

The Image states: Prophet (Peace Be Upon HIM) said “A woman was rott in hell because she kept a Cat hungry and thirsty till so late that the Cat died”. That woman was sent to hell”

Prophet (Peace Be Upon HIM) said that Allah Subhana Wa Tallah said “Indeed Allah knows the best, when you kept the Cat in Hunger and thirst, tied her so she could not even move around to eat the insects on the ground to keep her alive”.

We are already going through a turmoil and majority of us are already keeping in mind to take care of the Animals in our locality, if we can take care of the animals in our society then why can’t you simply take care of your Pets? If you cannot then atleast give it to someone who would take care of the pet with love and affection. Remember, even the Animals pray for you for your kind act and would curse you for your bad act. Every thing will be given a chance to speak in against or in favor of you, now the choice is yours. Which would you pick?

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