When They Lost Hope, A ‘Miracle’ Happened

There is a time when we break down trying hard to save our loved one, it gets really difficult to figure out what to do next or what to do to get our loved one back. At that time nobody knows what nature had in store, what was going to happen next until a Miracle happened and the Hope rose.

There was a family, who had lost hope in every treatment, medication and everything that their last Hope of getting a positive answer by Doctors also fade. They had a son who after a horrific accident had gone paralysed, knowing a child going through much pain and even when spending so much effort on the doctors and medicines, the result didn’t show and the parents also thought that now their son would live his rest of the life paralysed. It was that one meeting with the doctor who suggested ‘Animal Therapy’ at first, the parents found it weird and not practical but since they had given up on everything, they thought why not to try this last chance. What happened and how it all began, Click Here

We do know that their are service dogs who are meant to be with such patients but not all recover this way or show signs.

It did left us teary, so do keep some tissues with you all.

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